Memons migrated from India in 1947 and settled all over Pakistan especially in Karachi alongside other migrant communities. Even if you have been living in Punjab or Pakhtunkhwa side for your whole life, you might still have had 1 or 2 encounters with any of a Memon. They are quite interesting people and stick to their traditions and rituals strictly. Here are the 13 things to know about Memons.   1. Belongs to Kathiawar(India). Memons have their origin from Kathiawar and surrounding areas in India. 2000px-india_gujarat_locator_map-svg 2. Subcategories. If you ever had a Memon friend, you just can’t understand what is the sub-categories system? Well, all this Kutiyana, Kutchi, Okhai thing is the name of their villages in the Kathiawar state where they used to live before partition. So don’t annoy your friend next time asking about them. 3. Not Kanjoos. It’s time to break the ritual about Memons. Take it easy guys! Your Memon friend is not kanjoos. He is just efficient and knows the best place to use his money. 4. Their food. The traditional dishes of Memons are just yum! Ask a Memon friend of yours to invite you for Khausa or Akni sometimes, and you will surely go crazy over the taste and spice. And don’t forget to try the special combination of Haleem and Jalebi. 5. Awkward surnames Most of them have awkward surnames just like Khatri, Fancy, Dhingra, Salaat, Dhedhi, Khanani etc. LOL! 6. Joint family system. They usually stick together and prefer joint family system. 7. Paindu touch. And obviously they have a very different accent and vocabulary, and it might look a bit Paindu (No competition with Faisalabadi people). 1cbw7e 8. Early marriage. A Memon girl always knows that she has to marry at the age of 16 with a man of age 27 without even having a talk for once. 9. Business minded. Everyone knows this thing that how good Memons are at business, and life is all about profit and loss for them. 10. Never on time. Do your very best but Memons will never arrive on time. 11. Wedding traditions. Shaadi at Memon's house is not like the ordinary ones. They have very different wedding traditions and they spend a lot. Clothes and gold set for every family member of the groom including his mother’s second or third cousin. At least 10-12 dishes they have in the weddings. 12. Dowry. Yes, Dowry! Dowry system is very much in fashion among the Memons and it is considered that the greater the amount of dowry, more the bride will be respected. Some even gift car and house in dowry to their daughter’s in-laws. 13. No Inter-community marriage. Thinking about marrying a Memon girl for a house and a car in dowry? Well, you won’t get a chance. They don’t marry outside the Memon community.

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