engineering hostel
Engineering student living in a hostel deserves sympathy for spending 4 years in rigorous imprisonment to secure a degree that isn't enough for the employers to hire them. Beside these struggles for a career, the hostel has a life to die for. Every guy out there has a different personality with their own characteristics which contribute to keeps the life of hostel entertaining. If you are living in a hostel or has been there in the past, you would have surely come across these 15 types of people found in every engineering hostel and you can relate to it.   1. The Singer. This guy has a deep love for music and keeps a guitar in his room. Every time you hear horrible voices coming from outside, don't worry. It's no emergency out there! It's just a guy having a voice similar to Justin Bieber and a bunch of his pitiful friends gathered around for his pathetic concert. 2. The Sleeping Beauty. This guy is very rarely seen outside in hostel corridors interacting with other living organisms. His bed and pillow are his soulmates and he could spend his whole life sleeping. 3. The Mufta Guy. Always broke and an eye on everyone else's thing! The Mufta guy never brings out his wallet to pay for anything. If any such guy is your friend, half of your pocket money would surely be used in feeding him. He could knock each and every door of the hostel to get his hands on anything for free. 0167fef10fe5ddc1f0e14a732a3d1867e2f0a714412b062468ebb55188683047 4. The Nerd. Well, the most popular on the list is the nerd. Most hated guy in the whole batch, but his hostel room is completely filled with students during exams. At the time of entering the engineering university hostel, he already had the aim of securing the student of the batch award at the time of graduation.  5. The "Missing-home" guy. The sensitive one who is distraught by living away from home. He is always complaining about the hostel mess food and every other thing about the place. 6. The hungry beast. This guy is always hungry and could knock your room at 3 a.m to ask if you have something to eat. Better to hide all the eating stuff in your cupboards to save them from the destruction of this beast. 7. The athlete. The enthusiast athlete who rise up at 6 a.m and go for a morning walk, do workout and is always thinking of keeping his body fit. He probably has a pretty decent grip on every sport. 8. The joint guys. They are the best type of people you could find inside an engineering hostel. They don't care much about what is going on around them. They have a life of their own and are the coolest among the bunch. (P.S lightening up things is a bad habit). 9. The Gamer guy. Another cool guy on the list is the gamer. His laptop or gaming console is his life and most of the time you would hear him talking about how to upgrade his machine. Nothing is worth more for him than his games. 10. The Volunteer. The hell active guy who loves to be social and volunteers for every event or activity going. He is very rarely found in his hostel room. 11. The religious guy.  He is mostly referred to as molvi in the whole campus and offers pray very punctually in the mosque, securing both deen and duniya. 12. The Burger Bache. The mummy daddy guys, pampered since childhood suddenly gets an exposure to the outer world. Everything is so disgusting and depressing for them since there are no maids and guards around them. 13. The Village Guy. These are the people to look out for and help them settle themselves among the students coming from urban areas. They usually lack confidence and face difficulties in communicating with others. 14. The Friendzoned. The poor guy searches for a girlfriend but ends up being "more than a friend but less than a boyfriend" to girls. 15. The Tharki.  The tharki man has an inbuilt memory card in his mind and remembers each and every detail about all the girls in the batch. He is an expert stalker and his every move is based on tharak.    

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