chai wala
On Sunday morning Pakistan did a surgical strike by introducing a Chai Wala from Islamabad and the internet is going crazy over him. Jia Ali, a photographer spotted the Chai wala in Islamabad's Itwar Bazar and sincere thanks to her for capturing him with her camera and treating the social media with a new internet sensation. Desi people are going crazy on the social media over this hot guy and their response is Epic.   Hey, India! One more win for Pakistan. Our Chai Wala is better than yours. Deal with it. chaiwala Fawad Khan and all others out. Chai Wala in.  chaiwala3 Hunt for mom's damad is over now with Chai Wala stepping up to the play. chaiwala4 His hotness will surely be handy for girls in the winter. chaiwala5 Even the girls who hate Chai suddenly became Chaiholic. chaiwala6 And yeah one more lesson for everyone.  chaiwala9 So guys, no need to wear a black shalwar kameez in hot summers just to impress girls. Anything will work if you are cute! And then there are some sad life people. Pity you. chaiwala2 And some extremely depressed people trying to be a social activist. chaiwala7 Come on dude get a life! Regarding anyone as chai wala isn't a disrespect. How can we call a guy tandoor wala if he has a business of selling chai. Mood spoiled! And a caution for all guys! Prevent your girlfriend from going for a tea near itwar bazar or she might end up being a chai addict and you go single again because these Blue eyes hypnotize krdi hen.

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